Who We Are
Hey, #EllsyBesties! Ellsy Hair is here to provide a new, fun, and healthier way to achieve gorgeous hair. You don’t have to lose sleep, damage your hair, or buy expensive tools because we always strive to give you the best with our products and innovations. Ellsy is your bestie so that you can be confident and rock your beautiful crown!
How We Started
Ellsy Hair was started in August 2021 by two best friends of 10 years, Stella and Mesya, to prove that besties can do business together and make something great. Our primary focus is to provide a new, fun, and healthier way to achieve gorgeous hair, that is why we struggled for months to make our own heatless hair kit.
After we got rejected by many vendors and countless of samples, we didn't give up and finally launched Dreamy Hair Kit. We curate and buy our own fabric every time, designed it ourselves, and each piece is handcrafted by the locals.
At first, we were pessimistic about the demand, but we were proven wrong because, for the past years, our #EllsyBesties are really loving them, saying that it helps them to have gorgeous curls without heat damage, not to mention that it is so fun to use and wear.
After that, we started to launch more products, like satin headbands, and modern french hair pins, and are preparing to launch more.
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